Speaking of accessories such as bags I kind of always doubted there would be new brands conquering the fashion world in the future. It seemed to me that mega-brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Prada, Celine do not have their true competition and that nothing can be invented more perfect than them… But guess what? The evolution of social platforms and the birth of influencers and bloggers turned everything upside down. All of a sudden the market is flooded with new, innovative, high-quality brands delivering super cheek designs which were never under a fashion week spotlights or being worn by any famous celebrity, yet they are becoming super popular among fashion enthusiast in the whole globe. And the coolest thing that popped out of this? The more you support something new, innovative, undiscovered, high-quality at a fair price, the more of a fashion guru you became. I would say it is a new era in flourishing, a new fashion movement and I am pretty sure POLÈNE Paris – a new French leather goods brand – will certainly hit the stars of high fashion and shine brightly in the sky in no time.

NUMBER ONE bag is designed to last. Its a peace you will pass it on to your daughter and it comes in 24 shades and variations. I picked the burgundy one since it is a new black for me and it matches all the summer colors (beige, sand, orange, off-white, red and navy blue). Find all the other models I like under the post;)

Photo by Enja Brelih.

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