We locked our love on this day 4 years ago. It was the 20th of September, a sunny day and I still remember every minute of it. We felt so relaxed, not nervous at all and so happy we are finally doing it. After all the ups and downs and thunderstorms we went through…

You might remember the scene from Sex in the city when Carrie announces to the girls she is getting married to Mr. BIG and Charlotte goes out of her mind screaming in the middle of the restaurant: “My friend is getting married! It took him 10 YEARS to propose to her!!” That scene was so good, so emotional and it turned out to be…exactly my story as well. It took my man 11 years to soften up and to finally appear with THE ring! LoL

We decided to have a bit of an extraordinary wedding the same year in the fall. We got married alone up at the castle of Ljubljana. A lot of people asked me why we wanted to do this alone and the truth is we wanted to keep the exchange of the vows as private as we could. Just us… Like we are going to be the rest of our lives. Mr. and Mrs. Rose. We appeared at the party as newlyweds shortly after that and danced until 3 AM. And then we got to experience another movie scene. As we were driving back home with a taxi our first dance song came up on the radio. It was “You are my love” from Elda Viler. And just like that, it couldn’t be more perfect!

Bride dress: Maja Štamol. Bride bag: Ashlyn’D clutches. Groom tuxedo: Hugo Boss. Hair and makeup: Luka-Luka. Diamond Rings: Zlatarna Loboda ( ITITOLI collection ). The party was held at Kavarna Sputnik and we enjoyed a heavenly delicious 8-course menu created by one of the best Slovenian culinary chefs Borut Jovan the owner of Galerija Okusov. Photography by one and only, the official photographer of the legendary band Rolling Stones, Miro Majcen;)

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