This one is for all the weekend warriors, passionate short vacationers, art and charming city lovers, food enthusiasts, tripping cross country voyagers and wedding attendees. You will find Art hotel Tartini in the hottest spot in Piran. It is located in the city center with the amazing view on Tartini square. I enjoyed my morning coffee while holding the whole city in my palm and took some pretty amazing pictures while hanging on the highest terrace of the hotel. During your stay in Slovenia, you should definitely consider taking a shortstop in Piran. This romantic coastal
the city will sweep you off your feet with its romantic super narrow middle age streets where you can easily get lost while playing Romeo and Juliet or running into the best place to taste the yummiest portion of local fried fish. If I was trying to sell you some tourist traps, I would probably send you to another spot nearby- to Portorož where you can find a whole bunch of restaurants that pretend to be local. The truth is that the owners or restaurants are mostly residents of  Monte Negro and they are selling all sorts of Mediterranean food which is not even close to Slovenian cuisine. Back to the Piran… A short, 15 min uphill walking to the city church gives you the stunning views of the city, its coast, Tartini square, and the Art hotel Tartini as well.

The hotel was completely renovated and redesigned two months ago by Slovenian artist Jaša. It gives you the impression of an open art museum and a spot of a unique interior. Imagine yourself having a breakfast or brunch in the middle of the art gallery or enjoying a glass of fine vine in a beautiful open french terrace afterward… A capture from my Insta post: This is how I imagine my proper everyday breakfast. With lots of fresh fruits, homemade organic khaki marmalade, homemade fresh bread with buckwheat ice tee made of buckwheat leaves and organic specialty coffee on a side. All served on a romantic open bright French terrace… Most of the food comes from a local organic farm and award-winning Slovenian chef Črt Butul. So, what more could you wish for?

We had an amazing time there with our three-year-old son and we are coming back for sure! Special thanx to all the Art hotel Tartini stuff, Jaša and Črt Butul to take their time for us;)

Events in Piran you might visit while staying:

The magical world of shells 

Classical Music Festival from 2.8. – 2.9.2018.

European and Mediterranean Film Festival from 2.10. – 6.10.2018

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