By the age of 37, I’ve learned quite a lot. I got rid of all the negative people in my life. I’ve learned how to handle my marriage, my sweet husband, how to take care of my child and to be a businesswoman at the same time. The truth is it’s hard sometimes. There is no such thing as superpower mom, working 24/7 with a perfect simile on her face.

The other day I had kind of a business conversation on the phone with my friend and my junior pooped 💩 on the carpet in his room 🙈, calling me proudly Mom look what I did. Indeed these are shitty moments but they are also the funniest moments to remember. 😂😂😂

So by the age of 37, I went through some hard times, got some wrinkles, I had back pain from time to time and my eyesight is getting bad but you know what? F… them all!

I will not allow my age to catch me so I’ve decided to do a magic trick and to run away with my birthday cake 🎂🎂🎂 Does it work? Well, one of my followers on Instagram Tinkara Lipovšek made me 10 years younger, so I guess so. If this will be some kind of giveaway I will definitely make her a winner :))) LOL

Special thanks to pastry shop Zvezda for the cutest birthday cake. While visiting Slovenia make sure you do not miss out one of their spots in Ljubljana or Piran and try heavenly delicious cakes

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