Bonjour Paris!

Bonjour Paris!

There are lots of places in the world in my fav category to visit but there is only one that has all my yeses.

Paris is a place where you can find all the biggest labels in the world, in all categories. From the most famous architects, artists, warriors, poets, chefs to the most influential designers. This makes it a zen place for fashion enthusiasts, even though in my opinion Parisian women are a bit shy when it comes to fashion.

Let me explain. If you compare an American woman to a French woman, it is like comparing a basket of mixed fruits (Tutti frutti) to a bouquet of dusty pink roses. No offense to American girls, but while they are trying to make everything perfect, they end up too shiny, too colorful, too…everything. French women, on the other hand, can be outstanding wearing just a pair of jeans, a simple coat and a designer handbag. They are like…a bouquet of roses with no wrapping paper – simple, elegant, beautiful!

But there is one category where the French definitely outdoes the Americans. When simplicity has no space. When it comes to their taste of decorating, refurbishing, designing houses, apartments, department stores and hotels they have no rival. So this time I decided to visit a couple of them. A few places where loaded Instagram bloggers would pay 800 euros per night and up. I admit I was little uncomfortable wearing my HM wardrobe at the reception desk of Peninsula asking about the average night rate while next to me one of the guests, swiped his credit card to pay 28 000 euros for his stay. I caught myself comforting my ego with a thought that his wife probably has no taste in fashion, realizing the only thing I can afford in this hotel was a glass wine and a coffee. The waitress seemed so nice offering us a complimentary plate of deserts, with the best macarons ever, two biscuits and a couple of homemade caramels, yet we still had to pay 36 euros for the non-complimentary stuff. 🙂 But I was worth it! Just to breathe the same air the rich people breathe and to sit in a chair where someone before me just paid 1000 euros for a bottle of wine. Crazy!!

The next day we took the mandatory tour around Eiffel tower. We made hundreds of photos and there was one moment when I was changing my clothes in front of a guard, standing so close to him, I could literally hear his thoughts: ‘Look, one more blonde, posing in front of this pile of steel. I bet she doesn’t have a clue it wasn’t so popular in the beginning and that it was supposed to be destroyed! I bet she thinks Eiffel was a French poet or something. Stupid bloggers!’

And speaking of influencers… while visiting Louvre I realized who would be the most famous Instagramer in the world. Mona Lisa has more likes and impressions than the Kardashians could ever wish for. Leonardo DaVinci had never even tried to share his work and he never paid for a boost, but he is still reaching a record number of 6 million impressions every year! He must be smiling from heaven thinking: Who is the boss, ha!? ;)))

Of course, we did not miss the pre-Xmass buzz on Champs-Élysées. We had one of the best apple tarts (on the famous shopping street, Rue Saint Honore) which could easily be listed on the menu of a Michelin star restaurant if it were up to me and experienced a huge letdown with Pierre Herme macaroons while visiting Galeries Lafayette. Pierre Herme is well known as one of the best pastry chefs in the world and his sweet delicacy was nothing but a dry disappointment this time. So sad… But, it was all better when a few stools ahead we discovered one of the best Prosciuttos in the world. It was Cinco Hotas, a gift for all your senses, a 4-year old dried ham, valued 750 euros per leg. A plate of 8 slices is much more affordable and costs 28 euros.

But, as my friend Kaja says, there is no waiting line for a flat rollercoaster ride… so, all in all, it was a fabulous 5-day romantic getaway and I can’t wait to come back. Until next time… 😉

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