Ljubljana will be Santas first stop this year…

Ljubljana will be Santas first stop this year…

It is the most charming of all the cities. It came to my ears many times when passing a group of tourists. They call it a little Paris. There are historical buildings which give the same impression as being in France, the river sliding right through the city center, the romantic bridges connecting streets and the cozy places to rest and chill. It is so appealing, delightful and good-looking even when wrapped in a fog for weeks, which can be a pretty common distraction in winter, yet the best time to visit the city of Ljubljana.

The old city center never looks more beautiful than in December. All dressed up in lights and ornaments, with one big Xmas tree standing so proudly at the Prešeren square and an even more charming version in the City hall. You will find more of them wandering through the streets, ending up tasting some punch and glühwein or taking a selfie with one of the wooden soldiers standing in front of the exhibit.

I do not believe in new years resolutions, though I think the end of the year should be a time to do something different instead. Something that will take you out of your comfort zone and make you sparkle so I’ve made a decision a month ago, passing by the Congress square, observing the construction of a brand new ice-skating park that this season I’ll be hitting the ice again after 20 years.

You wonder how I did it? It was amazing and how could it not be in a company of a silly two-year-old being on his skates for the first time. Of course, there were some ups and downs, but with a little help of Santa, I managed to stay on my feet;)

… and just like that, I ticked one more item on my pre-new year to do list. But there is another one in my December life I forgot to mention. It is the one that holds on all the little treats I should give to my self before entering 2018. Like having another breakfast with my favorite bunch of girls at bistro EK, to enjoy a delicious lunch at bistro Monstera, spoil myself with a cup of the best specialty coffee at Čokoladnica Dobnik, Čokl or Črno Zrno and finishing the day at the Intercontinental rooftop bar holding the finest glass of wine in my hands. And what about you? If you haven’t got anything on your mind maybe visiting Ljubljana could be the first thing to do. To come to the city of lights, that shine so bright that Santa could not miss it;)

Photography by Pia Klančar.

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