From Xmas market up to cloud no.9

From Xmas market up to cloud no.9

I had a dream of a huge Xmas decoration hanging from the street and a house wrapped like a present with a big red velvet bow on the side. I turned into an angel wearing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. I got to hang out with Mr. Reindeer and finally met the prince! Yeah, yeah…, we kissed and just when I wished the moment could have been framed forever, I woke up…

It is magic, isn’t it? It is The Place to be at the end of the year. To fool around, to visit one of the most popular Xmas markets in the world, to listen to Xmas carols, listen to the jingle of the bells, to rent a pair of ice skates, to ride with a vintage Ferris wheel and to eat and drink as much cookies, donuts and punch as you can in one day. It is actually far better than a fairy tale since they have much shorter endings…

I’ve been to Vienna a lot of times but never went to Cafe Demel, which is one of the famous pastry shops and chocolateries established in 1786. The display at the entrance just pulls you in and this time I sure didn’t mind the waiting line… It is far more than sharing a moment with a piece of heavenly lemon tart. It’s a historic place that is hosting all the people sitting and talking over the best apfelstrudel and a cup of coffee with whipped cream already over more than 200 years. They have the best hot chocolate in the town, they hold the best homemade Sacher tart recipe and if you still don’t trust my judgment, this one will surely make up your mind. The Demel bears the title of a Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court up to today! Just be prepared to open your wallet quite wide at the end;)

And then again I had a dream. To wander through the city streets, decorated with crystal chandeliers getting tired of all the joy and excitements slowly going back to my hotel. Horsecarier can you take me up to the clouds where my hotel is? Deck 57 would be just fine. Thank you! Have a Merry Christmas and nice holidays! See you next year;)

I’ll be posting Vienna GIVE AWAY in collaboration¬†with tourist agency KOMPAS this week, so check my Instagram and Facebook;)

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