Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite…

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite…

I have started to decorate Dan’s nursery when I was in my 6th month of pregnancy and finished it… I know you expect this sentence to finish with: “By the time he was 3 months old.” But that’s not my style… It took me two years to track down all the right accessories. Like every mom I wanted my little boy’s room to be something special with lots of super cute toys, lamps, rugs, bed linen and with a touch of my creativity, so I decided to paint a grey house for him 😉

I chose grey because it is very soft and fresh. It is not a color you will easily be fed up with it, yet very elegant, modern and sophisticated. But above all, I’ve chosen grey because it is the safest playground to mix and match with.
It is easy to style but you’ll have to be disciplined and follow your rules until the end. You have to be a ruthless editor of what goes into the baby room. Do not change your mind standing in Ikea holding the cutest pillow if it doesn’t fit with everything else in your nursery! It will cost you money and disputes with your partner, trust me ;))

So here are some simple steps for decorating a nursery:

1. When decorating a nursery you should start with picking the baby crib first. The crib is white in most cases, but powder gray or powder pink are very nice choices also.

2. When you have the perfect baby crib you have to choose your color pallet and this is the rule you’ll have to follow until the very end.
The most popular color pallet for girls:
BASE: dusty pink, powder pink, pink, stone gray, powder gray, mustard.
UPLIFTS: fuchsia, red, silver, gold, yellow.
The most popular color pallet for boys:
BASE: petrol blue (color of my bed linen), dusty blue, light blue (color of my rug), dusty green (color of my pillow), dusty gray, green, azure blue and mustard (color of my bed linen).
UPLIFTS: royal blue, green, teal, yellow, brown, deep blue.
Base colors supposed to be more pale, faded, smoky ones. While uplifts can be more aggressive and intense.
So, when you have your color pallet chosen the best part begins;) You can finally start to pick your accessories following a few simple rules.

3. First I suggest you pick a rug which has to be a base color – you do not want the rug to be standing out too much because the crib should be the star of the room. I like to have the smaller version of the rug in front of the crib. Do not be bothered with the pattern too much but make sure the rug is not the same color as the bed linen – though they both have to come from the same base color pallet!

4. Because I chose the rug in a pale blue all the colors from my base color pallet were a perfect match for my baby linen. I’ve picked three: Mustard, petrol blue, green and my all-time favorite: white.
I can mix and match putting some blue and some yellow together or just lift up the whites with small color touches. Everything works out perfectly and most of all I like the idea of Dan’s room looking a little different every time I change the sheets;)

5. Speaking of sheats. There is only one rule. Do not have them in the same color as the bed linen. Anything from your base color pallet will work out just fine, as well as gray and white with some cute graphic print. You will find lots of sheets like that at Ooh-noo bedding.

5. And for the final touch, all you need is a couple of blankets, some cute pillows, and other accessories of your liking and taste.
For the blankets go for the neutrals, you certainly do not want your blanket to be a perfect match to only one of your bed linen. But the pillows and other small accessories, on the other hand, you can choose anything from the ‘Uplifting’ color section;)

Photography by Pia Klančar. 

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Wishing you wonderful moments decorating your baby rooms:) 

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