Is it really just a one time date?

Is it really just a one time date?
Well…, it can be, but I’m about to show you how you can stand out in a seasonal green sweater in 4 different styles for 4 different occasions.
We are all girls and we all have our weak moments when we enter the stores through those glass doors, with the clothes so perfectly displayed on the shelves and racks. It’s paradise, a dream place where all worries disappear, it is a planet of enjoyment, a planet of happiness, oh yes…, a planet called…, department store!


It is pure heaven for us. There are the mirrors with perfect lighting, the new arrivals, the perfectly matched collections and there is he…, Mr. perfect green sweater! “Hello, Gorgeous! You are a bit expensive for H&M, but…, you have to be mine!” And then comes the well-known line: “I am not sure what I will wear it with yet, but I guess I will figure it out at home.”
It is the beginning of the end and by the time we get home our enthusiasm slowly disappears and our heartbeat slows down, realizing we have nothing to wear with it and just like that, our most special piece of the season touched the cold – clothes shell section in our closet, where it will be stuck for a couple of years with only one admirer – me!

But hey, chin up, we are about to change that! We are about to rule this planet girl! I’ll show you 4 different styles which include: business meeting ready, date, dinner, and casual.

Photography by Pia Klančar. 
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