The perfect wrap up

The perfect wrap up

Every year as we go deeper into fall I have been searching for a perfect wrap up and after a profound examination over the past few years, here is my conclusion: You need one basic, one-second, and your statement one.

– The first one (I suggest it is black), it’s usually not so hard to find, especially if you start to hunt at the beginning of the September while everybody else is still in their beading suits. It is a timeless coat that goes together with everything. It is suitable for glammy dress or the best companion on a really bad hair day.

– The second one has to stand out just a little bit more. It has to come in some sort of color, yet still very plain and with no accessories. I prefer the grey pallet or this year very popular burgundy. It is actually very handy when my underneath styling is black. This usually happens when I’m having a non-inspirational dressing day…, or I simply choose to be all in black. 

– And there is the statement one. The one that is going to help you stand out, to shine and to be the star of the grey fall-winter streets. The truth is you have to be a bit creative and experimental about the combination you are going to wear it, but hey…, here comes my effort 🙂 All you need is a simple pair of pants and a matching bag. I usually like to combine complementary colors but in this case, I think I found the perfect match of red and blue.

Photography by Pia Klančar.

I found this outstanding coat at Max&Co ( on Miklošičeva cesta 1, Ljubljana ), styled it up with wide black pants, white sneakers, and gorgeous bright red suede bag, from one of my favorite Slovenian designers: Vivas project!

You can find all the products in my shop the post category below plus I’ve got a discount just for you! Use MRSBROSE code for 10% off sitewide on Vivas project!

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