Hello Mrs. Red fall!

Hello Mrs. Red fall!
Something must have happened to me. I’m enjoying colors I have never enjoyed before. After a precise examination of my closet at the beginning of the season, the conclusion was… Well, it’s a bit sad. 50 shades of gray, 50 shades of my old self and 50 items I will never use again.
Where are the colors? They are everywhere. On Instagram, in-store displays, everywhere except in my closet? And why I am being so eager about the colors all of the sudden?
So as I dug into finding the answer, I dug into the stores for the new colorful Petit Bateau baby collection and discovered quite a few interesting facts:
The color red is a symbol of energy, of life, of success, of fire and since we are in a Chinese metal fire rooster year, we are simply being drowned in red. It is a color that fits our ego, our emotions and all of this knowledge is being used by a fashion industry.
I bet you did not know there is a company which determinates a color pallet for the upcoming seasons passing them over to the leading brands?
They are using a feng shui skill database and many other things like positions of the planets, the upcoming sports, and social events to define which colors we are about to like. It is a higher knowledge hidden behind it, and the truth is we are not attracted to particular colors because somebody suggested them to us. We are attracted to them because that is how nature works and fashion industry is just successfully using it.
So, here is to this year, inevitable Mrs. Red fall. I’m more than welcoming her brightness to my and Dan’s closet. It will certainly warm us up in the upcoming cold winter days:)

Photography by Pia Klančar.
Dan is wearing a Petit Bateau outfit which I styled up with a HuxBaby hat and Adidas Stan Smith trainers. All the Petit Bateau items are available online or in the stores right now. If you are from Slovenia, you’ll find one in Ljubljana, on Stari trg 30;)
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