How to look like famous blogger Lena Terlutter?

How to look like famous blogger Lena Terlutter?
I swear I could find the same dress in my grandmothers closet if she was still alive. The same fabric, the same flower patterns, the same cut.
I had something against these dresses… I was never into the flower power fashion mood so I’ve put them into the “Don’t wear!”  fashion section – with a fast expiration date.  I had this distasteful grandmotherly feeling about them just like men have towards ballerinas and trendy shoes with fur accessories. They consider them as ugly and unnecessarily painful to their eyes and so I felt about those dresses.
But emotions about certain things can be changed in a heartbeat in a woman’s world, especially when it comes to fashion. In my case when I saw the post of famous Instagram blogger Lena Terluter, wearing one.
So as I was walking down to the dressing room, saying to my self: “I’m gonna give this dress only one try and if it disappoints, we are done for good!”, I’ve realized to be completely wrong after putting it on. It sure looked a bit strange without wearing sneakers, but I instantly knew the perfect bag will make this picture complete and just like that, my granny style dress had a promotion: It became my new dress to impress!
So here is how you can impress with the same look like Lena without spending 2000 euros on it, as she is wearing Gucci sneakers and a Gucci handbag.
First, you pick one of the h&m dresses, which you will find in my shop the post look category, style it up with wide black pants, Zara suede petrol blue bag and any kind of white sneakers and your credit card will be thankful to you for spending max. 155 euros for the whole thing.

 Photography by Pia Klančar.
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