Welcome on board!

Welcome on board!

At the beginning of July, I was in a mood for my next adventure. I wanted to visit a destination that would offer the »whole package« for my blog. So I was looking for a hyper-photogenic place with a historical feel, a place to relax, a place by the sea, and a place with plenty of great food. So I called Kompas and made a reservation for a Mediterranean cruise which started with a nice foreplay: two days stay in Venice.

We stayed in a wonderful, cozy and bright 4-room flat in the heart of the city center that offered a fascinating view of the apartment where Princess Diana used to spend her vacations with a royal friend. A lover maybe? The neighbors did not know all the details but one thing is for sure: she always had an amazing stay and so did we. We booked a gondola with a handsomes driver – which was a demanding job for my husband, who had to find me a good looking one, since he was going to end up in the photos with me, wearing a gorgeous evening creation from Slovenian designer Maja Štamol – perfect for getting lost in the flooded streets of Venezia. We visited Saint Marco square, climbed up to the San Marco Campanile, which is the bell tower of St Mark’s Basilica, had a delicious dinner and enjoyed one of the most amazing sunsets.

A floating hotel – Mrs. Costa Deliciosa. There are many things to say about this experience but most of all I loved the fact that every morning you get up in a different city. Not to mention the service and the kindness of the staff on board. Every day there was a basket with fresh fruit in our room, we got a special greeting from the captain who sent us a bottle of champagne, there was 24/7 room service available, 6-course dinner menu every evening in a restaurant, 14 breathtaking sunsets and the same amount of sunrises included. I am not exactly an early bird but I made an effort and got up just to share this with you.

During the journey, we visited Italian Bary, Corfu, and my favorite one – Santorini. The most photogenic place in the world. The open art museum of white houses framed with blue roofs, surrounded with pink blooming trees, altogether forming the perfect harmony. It is the Oya you should visit and be fascinated not only by the village itself but also by the food. It is the most popular place for bloggers, the place where I tasted the most delicious Greek salad, the yummiest Greek yogurt with grape syrup and the place where my son slept for 4 hours so we had the chance to do our job and took as many photos as we could;)

Before we returned back to Venice, we made a quick stop to Athens and Dubrovnik. It was so addictive to be served with a breakfast on a private balcony every day, that we will surely repeat this experience. So, special thanks to our tourist agency Kompas for that amazing trip 😉 

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