Good morning, Stockholm!

Good morning, Stockholm!

I wanted my opening picture to be something special, so I’ve decided to climb up all the way to the oldest city theatre and used my pre-journalist skill to get to their balcony and took this shot of the city also nicknamed “VENICE OF THE NORTH”.

Stockholm’s 73 square miles stretch over islands and hills, among which you’ll find a beautiful historical city center of cobblestone streets …, and what else will you find there? Paganini! The best Italian restaurant ever;))) It was on my birthday, the first day in Stockholm we found this restaurant just passing by and had like heavenly delicious dinner – a grandma recipe rigatoni – finishing the day with a glass of wine, singing “That’s Amore” all the way to our hotel. It really felt like we were in Italy, not knowing the best part of the culinary experience is yet to come. When staying in Stockholm you must visit one of the fresh food markets and try their traditional meet bools delicacy. Served with mashed potatoes, creamy sauce and cranberry jam they sure look like the ones from Ikea but they taste 100 times yummier! The Scandinavians really amazed us with their healthy eating habits! I would sit in a restaurant next to the two men eating only salad with fresh fish on the top?! I mean, two hungry Vikings and no carbohydrates aside!? At first, I thought this was just an exception but after five days I started to realize that I was the only one who orders an extra bread with the most famous Skagen shrimp salad. 

The second day we decided to hop on a bike and explore the city with a wind in our hair.

There is only about 15 min drive from the old city center to several tourist attractions such as the ABBA museum (this one is a must-see), the great Vasa warship, the Sweden’s oldest amusement park and the Skansen -the world’s first open-air museum, which offers a unique experience of Swedish culture and history from the past 500 years. By the way, it is also the place where we had perfect homemade pastry!  

 And here comes my favorite part. Stockholm is the best place for a petite shopper. A famous Nordiska Kompaniet department store gave me the impression of Galeria Lafayette where you can find the selection of all high top fashion brands under one roof. Stockholm is also a hometown of one of my favorite baby brands Mini Rodini and the only city in the world where you will found four H&M stores next to each other on the same street. 

Although it doesn’t have a fashion essence on the first impression, Stockholm surely has a profound taste for fashion and a rich fashion history. Beside ABBA and their great influence on fashion, there was also a famous film star-icon Greta Garbo who set up the fashion trends in 20’s and 30’s. Before discovered by one of the Hollywood producers, she was selling hats and this is the place where she used to work – a shopping center later became the famous restaurant/coffee place. 

So we drank the most expensive 5 euros coffee we climbed up to one of the famous rooftop bars. This is the perfect spot to end your day and the spot you will find all people from Stockholm gathering together after their working day. It’s like in London just 30 stores higher and the spot where all the healthy, Scandinavian lifestyle habits suddenly turn bad;))
It was so much fun… Thank you, tourist agency Kompas to take us there!

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